June 25, 2024

Planets in astrology

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Sun :
General Significations: It is said to be the soul of the Kala Purusha (the cosmic man). It is dry, masculine, positive and fiery. It belongs to Rajasic propensity. It rules over the East direction. It is the source of our inspiration, vitality, and the seat of what we project, emanate, produce and create. It rules our fame, renown and reputation. It symbolizes ego, character, innate tendencies, brilliancy, magnificence, splendour, omnipotence, invincibility, accomplishment, divinity, leadership, royalty, aristocracy,

Profession: Govt. service or service in an organization that provides reasonable security. Business financed by father or taken over from father. Dealer in cloth, gold, copper, Administrators, excavators and discoverers. Teaching relating to chemistry or general administration, Jobs in hospitals, asylums.

Education: Medicine, chemistry, alchemy, astrology, geography.

Disease: Headaches, baldness, inflammation of liver and gall bladder, heart trouble, blood disorders, stomach ailments, eye diseases, fever and pains, bone disorders, leprosy, fits, gonorrhea.

Body Parts: Heart, Bones, Stomach, Constitution, Blood.

Moon :
General Significations: Moon rules over the etheric body, the mind, mannerisms, idiosyncrasies,

Profession: Related to shipping, water works department, dealer of corals, fish, pearls, perfumes, kerosene, petrol, milk. Boilers, vegetables, fruit grower and supporters. Nurses, cooks, stall managers, naturopaths, psychologists, psychiatrists, general merchants.

Education: Textile, chemical, Engineering, psychology, water Engineering or hydraulics, music marketing, violin, veena.

Disease: Infancy, Insanity, Insomnia, T.B., Pleurisy, dropsy, dyspepsia, diarrhoea, cholera, Anemia, epilepsy, enlargement of spleen, ovary, uterus, menstrual disorders, breast, chest, saliva, hysteria, salivary gland, left eye, lungs, diabetes, appendicitis, vomiting.

Body Parts: Heart, lungs, mind, blood, left eye, kidney, alimentary canal and water in body, lymph, breasts.

Mars :
General Significations: It symbolizes impulsiveness, animosity, combat, will power, bravery, determination, drive, initiative, invasion, penetration. It is heroism, activity, agitation, excitation, manliness, athletics, sports, martial arts, stamina, toughness, and health and vitality. Mars accepts no weakness, panic, delay, cowardice and reason. It is straightforward. It is reckless, ferocious and impatient. It is the seat of burning desires and of strong sexual feelings. It rules over the instincts, and the will pow

Profession: Defence personnels, chemists and druggists, surgeons, butchers, real estate businessman, machinists, dealer of guns, weapons, hair dressers, iron and steel, boilers, steam engines, dacoits, murderers, blacksmiths, athletes, mason, sports person.

Education: Surgery, mechanical and civil Engineering, machines, structural design, architecture, physics, military services, martial arts.

Disease: Inflammatory diseases, hypertension, blood disorders, abortions, miscarriage, smallpox, gall bladder stone, measles, piles, epilepsy, itching of the skin, bleeding, dry and rough skin, accident, fracture of bone, electric shock, injury due to acids, prostrate, surgery.

Body Parts: Skull, blood, testicles, marrow, neck, rectum, forehead, digestive section, nose, veins, red-corpsell.

Mercury :
General Significations: It signifies intelligence, reasoning, education, learning and teaching, information seeker, communication, the meaning and value of ideas. It can’t stand silence. It believes in versatility, flexibility and mobility. It is restless and is the agent of tourism, hitch-hiking, trekking, pilgrimage and travel. Mercury is incapable of being alone or sad for long. It loves to trade, master the skills of business and commerce. It has excellent argumentative and analytical power. It represents plantati

Profession: Editors and publishers, accountants, mathematicians, analysts, travel agents, stenographers, book binding, ambassadors, personnel in communication department, post and telegraph department, finger print experts, railway employee, insurance agents, sculpturists.

Education: Mathematics, Engineering, astrology, Puranic studies, auditing, logic, journalism, advertising, astronomy, public speaking.

Disease: Chest, nerves, mental disorders, abortion, neurological disorder, defects in speech, stammering, skin diseases, vertigo, leucoderma, ear, nose and throat, impotence.

Body Parts: Nervous system, tongue, arms, skin, gallbladder, spinal system, naval.

Jupiter :
General Significations: It is considered to be a planet of expansion, wisdom, abundance, growth. It must feel big, important and healthy, out of a sense of status. It is a firm upholder of the hierarchical system. Ceremony, ritual, protocol, pomp, display, demonstrations, parade are part of its intimate world. It needs to show of but in order to protect, guide and fred. It is a status seeker. Its laughter is roaring and hearty. Knows no inhibitions to express its emotions. It is symbolic of optimism, felicity, confide

Profession: Teachers, priests, advocates, judges, scientists, bankers, physicians, philosophers, writers, high ranks in government and society, member of parliament or legislature, mayors, yoga teachers.

Education: Law, medicine, military science, administration, instructional techniques, philosophy, religion, politics, international, law, business management, banking, astrology.

Disease: Appendicitis, diabetes, philganatic diseases, anaemia, liver complaints, ear trouble, spleen problem, dropsy, diseases in thighs.

Body Parts: Back, hip, thighs, feet

Venus :
General Significations: Venus is the epitome of delicacy, softness, tact, diplomacy, love, devotion, adoration, fidelity, kindness, sympathy, peace, compromise and good will. It believes in brother hood, loves fashion, pretty and artistic dresses. Venus adorns itself and also decorates house. It knows how to magnetise, fascinate and please others. Venus is sensuousness, eroticism, and symbolic of sexual relationship (marriage). It is fertility, procreation. Venus is a poet, a self less lover. It looks after dancing, s

Profession: Poets, stage actors, musicians, jewelers, perfume sellers, dealer of gems, silk merchants, confectioneries, sweet makers, dealers in ghee and fat foods. Painters, sculptors, dancers, profession related to textiles, cosmetics, veterinary doctors, drivers, dairy and poultry farmers, Hotel business.

Education: Chemistry, electronics, computers, agriculture, dairy farming, veterinary, chemical Engineering, textile, plastic, naval science, poultry, music, foreign literature, logic, grammer, sexology, naprapathology, ophthalmology, gynecology.

Disease: Venereal diseases, eye diseases, indigestion, diabetes, urinary diseases, throat trouble, impotency, glandular diseases, loss of luster in body, fits.

Body Parts: Face, vision, semen, urine, body luster, throat, body water, glands, ovaries, chin, productive organ, left ear.

Saturn :
General Significations: It represents discipline, self-control, restraint, moderation, sacrifice, penance, renunciation, patience, austerity, humility, modesty, immobility. Knowledge is its main concern. Lacks desire, longings, wishes-exactly opposite to Moon. It is science, investigation, concentration, contemplation, introversion, introspection, transformation. It respects seniority, ascendancy, old age, longevity, immortality and classics. It is a planet of constriction. It is constructive, a traditionalist-never a

Profession: Farmers, politicians, beggars, servants, pilots, space scientists, electronic engineers, police constables, guards, jailers, grave diggers, dealers in leather, iron and steel, plumbers, laborers in mines.

Education: Geology, petrochemical Engineering, refinery techniques, civil Engineering, mining, electronic Engineering, sanitary Engineering, Labor law, black arts, industrial Engineering.

Disease: Belly ache, windy and phlegmatic complaints, paralysis, rheumatism, indigestion, bodily deformity, gastric and stomach troubles, impotence, gaseous troubles, teeth problems.

Body Parts: Bones, teeth, nails, hair, subconscious mind.

Rahu :
General Significations: Rahu represents paternal grand parents, distribution, discharge, exaltation, new lustre, brilliance, richness. It conquers, gain, triumphs, it is a royal planet, a solar and a Jupiterian point. To some Rahu symbolises creativity, growth, militancy. It also represents jails, fetters, poison, thefts, losses and indulgence with sick woman. It is an outcast.

Profession: jails, Criminal Courts, Radiologist, Photographers, Space scientist, Electricity propellers.

Education: Radiology, Photography, Space science and the type of education as indicated by the planets it represents.

Disease: Accidents, Heart attacks, Cancer, Paralyzes, Fits, Small-pox, and the diseases of the planets it represents

Body Parts: Feet, breathing, neck

Ketu :
General Significations: Ketu represents maternal grandparents, absorption, deception, humiliation, disintegration, surrender, fall, and disease at best. It symbolizes what is old, ancient, sordid, dark, sinister, fatal. It is impotence; it is vulgar. It represents cunningness, unexpected death.

Profession: Represents profession ruled by Mars, Snake charmers.

Education: As per the planets it represents.

Disease: Measles, itches, and the diseases of the planets which it represents.

Body Parts: Belly, feet

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