June 25, 2024

Ruling Planets: Universal Support

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Ruling Planet is a divine help provided by the universe to the astrologer. It is also knows as the GPS system of Astrology.

Uses of Ruling planets are  given below:

1.) It helps in birth time rectification of a person up-to seconds.

2.) To find the exact  timing of event which is bound to happen in 1-2 days.

3.) Selection/Rejection of Planetary Significators

4.)To check the authencity of a horoscope for the limited purpose on a single subject.

5.) Useful in horary astrology.

Ruling planets are given below:

1.) Ascendant Star lord

2.) Ascendant Sign Lord

3.) Moon Star Lord

4.) Moon Sign Lord

5.) Day Lord

Any Planet in conjunction with Ruling planet becomes the Ruling planet too.

Rahu ( North Node) and Ketu ( South Node) placed in the sign of ruling planets also becomes ruling Planets.

Retrograde Planets will not give results till they become direct.  Therefore, they are not considered as ruling planets.

Please note the power of ruling planets are as given below:

Ascendant Star lord>Ascendant Sign Lord>Moon Star Lord>Moon Sign Lord>Day Lord


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