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Cusps in astrology

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First :
General Significations: It is a Cardinal or Angular house and thus and thus represents the Rajasic propensities the outward expression. It represents the quantum and the quality of energy at the disposal of each individual. It is called ADI- the beginning of ideas, aspiration, Udhyam-power of taking initiative, nature of participation in activities, Deham-physical vehicle, health, Rupam- for it symbolizes the form, identity and mode of expression contained within. Broadly speaking, the first house stands for one’s ind

Profession: Psychiatrist, a specialist in treating cerebral cases, neurologist, coma, head injuries, a yoga practitioner, physical instructor, professor of psychology, self-ventures, advisor in his own field.

Education: Psychology, Yoga, Neurology, Gymnasium, Art of counseling, athleticism.

Disease: Meningitis, headache, brain tumor, insanity, forgetfulness, depression, epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, cerebral hemorrhage pelvis.

Body Parts: Head & Face

Mode of Death: Sudden, Self-un doing or suicide, head injury.

Marriage: By self effort, personal choice.

Second :
General Significations: It is invisible house and operates under Tamasic mode. It is an important part of materialistic tricipitally and represents physical possessions, wealth and accumulation of money, speech, family relation, eye sight, gems, jewels, death, metals.

Profession: Professionals in financial institution, revenue departments, economists, accountants, cashier, professor of mathematic or economics, dentist ophthalmo gist, gastro-entremologist, announcer, sound engineer, receptionist, dealer in metals, jewelers, gemonologists, moneylenders.

Education: Economics, mathematics, financial management, cost accountancy, auditing, sound or acoustic engineering, ophthalmology, dentistry, cosmetics and plastic surgery, company secretary ship, public speaking.

Disease: eyes, throat, tongue, speech, teeth, oral cavity, tonsils, gums.

Body Parts: Throat,Right Eye

Mode of Death: Natural death, assassination it there is a common link between 2 and 8.

Marriage: the family or the assistance of the family members.

Third :
General Significations: It is the first cadet house and belongs to the Airy tricipitally. It operates under Sattwic influence. It signifies mind, younger co-born, courage, fairness, short-journeys, mental inclination and ability, memory, communication skills, change of residence, writing capability, rumors.

Profession: Professionals in ENT department, communication department, print media information center, stage artists, journalists, news correspondents, neurologists, chest specialists, physic therapists, anesthetics, traders, commission agents.

Education: Physics, electronics, computer, electrical Engineering Journalism, communication, are of publication and writing skills, ENT thoracic and chest, pranayama, physiotherapy, radio Engineering, AIDS

Disease: Audio-visual sensory organs, arms, shoulders, bronchitis.

Body Parts: Arms,Right Ear,Shoulders

Mode of Death: Sudden due to a stroke, death while in journey.

Marriage: Through correspondence or with the assistance of neighbors or younger co-born in a nearby place.

Fourth :
General Significations: The fourth house stands for education, mother, house, private life, transport, landed property, domestic happiness, old age, seduction.

Profession: Real estate, interior decorator, civil and production engineers, manufacturers, industrialists, cardiologist, lung specialists agriculturists, veterinary doctor, veterinary doctor, Timber merchants, manager restaurants, diary farming, builders.

Education: Civil engg, agriculture engg, veterinary service, farming automobile Engineering, machinery, geography, botany, home science, cardiology, chest disease.

Disease: Heart, lungs, blood vessel etc.

Body Parts: Breasts, Chest, lung,Stomach, elbow joint

Mode of Death: Due to accident, at home, old age, debris.

Marriage: With a near relative, with the help of mother, with a person born at the same place.

Fifth :
General Significations: This operates under the fixed-fire combination and represents an individual’s reaction to his past. Our ancients related this house to wisdom, religion, traditional laws intelligence. Intuitive perception of the future, socially accepted forms of courtship i.e. romantic affairs, progeny, sports and creative pursuits, speculation.

Profession: Related to stock exchange, sports organization, arts and culture, cinema, places of amusement, manufacturing units of toys for children, pediatrician gynecologist, general physicians, nuclear scientists, atomic energy department, religion teachers, pundits, allergistics.

Education: Atomic energy, nuclear science, arts and sports, music, architecture, gynecology, pediatrics, cinematography.

Disease: Viral disease, disease due to blood cells, liver, upper abdomen, intestinal and stomach problems, diarrhoea, spinal affections heart troubles.

Body Parts: Belly,heart, liver, spleen

Mode of Death: During celebration, sports activities, delivery, death may take place in gambling house, stock exchange or playing field.

Marriage: Love marriage, marriage with a sportsperson or artist. It may be through the family of the mother.

Sixth :
General Significations: The sixth is essentially the house of difficulties, struggles, oppositions of various kind, painful incidents. Being an invisible house all these may be attributed to the acts of omission and commission of past lives. It is an important house of the materialistic triplicity and such represents employment and service. This is also the house of sickness, debt enemies and litigation. It represents the separation from the partner. However this house is called the house of victory and gain over

Profession: Public health department, chemists, repairing units in a factory, poultry farms, veterinary department, advocates doctors, nurses, dealers in leather, labour oriented jobs, dealers in plastics.

Education: Textiles chemistry, medicines, law biology, drugs, radiology.

Disease: Large intestines, pancreas, diabetes, peptic ulcers, colic, worms, appendicitis.

Body Parts: Kidney, large intestines, uterus, anus

Mode of Death: Sickness, shock from separation of partner, over exhaustion, out of fear.

Marriage: With or through a colleague, servant, cousin or a subordinate.

Seventh :
General Significations: The seventh house is nearly as open, prominent and inevitable as the first, although to a less extent. The experience of the seventh house comes through others viz. partners and associates whose interests are blended with those of the native whether in love or hate, help or rivalry. It is called “Kshetra” the sphere of action wherein life’s battle is fought. It is also known as “Kalatra Sathanam” – the place of wife, specifically it signifies spouse, sexual union, the winning or one’s object

Profession: Judge in a court of Law, Public relations officer, Embassy, Marriage bureaus, Advocate dealing divorce cases or marital problems, Nephrologist, Public administration departments, Employment in private companies, Brothels, Prostitution, Sexologists, Doctors dealing in veneral diseases, Private business.

Education: Business Management, International Law, Sociology, Gynecology, Nephrology, Sexology.

Disease: Urinary system, Kidneys, Uterus, Ovaries, Testicles, Prostrate glands, Semen, Venereal diseases, Impotence, Frigidity/ sterility, Menstrual disorders.

Body Parts: Private parts, uterus, glands

Mode of Death: Natural death, death in a combat, at a foreign place, due to kidney failure or AIDS.

Marriage: Legal or registered marriage, Marriage with a business partner or a known public figure.

Eighth :
General Significations: The eighth house represents the hidden aspects of one’s life serious diseases, unexpected gains or losses, concealed wealth, knowledge of the hidden laws of nature, psychological applications or mental sufferings, Death, Longevity, storehouse of expansive energy latent in microcosm, Rectum, Accidents, Quarrels, False allegation, damage in reputation, unearned income, Surgery slaughter house, Rapes, Gift cheques, Earth quakes, incurring losses, insurance claims, hurdles in journey.

Profession: Historians, Archaeologists, Geologist, Personnel working in insurance, mining, tax collection, Auditing, CID, CBI Departments, pension cells, surgeons, ONGC department, Death and Estate duty collectors, Advocates practicing criminal cases or cases dealing with legacies and wills, urologists.

Education: History, geology, mining engg, urology, study of secret parts, sanitary engg, surgical equipments, auditing, investigations, criminology, archeology, old pathies, dermatology, surgery, orthopedics.

Disease: Genitals, rectum, scortum, piles, fistula, tumours, ulcers, incurable diseases, hydrocell.

Body Parts: Scrotum, pelvis, seminal vesicles,external genetalia

Mode of Death: Sudden death due to serious disease or self-undoing, accident, surgery, suicide.

Marriage: Sudden and unexpected marriage, marriage with or through old friends.

Ninth :
General Significations: The ninth house, known as Bhagya Sthanam, operates under the influence of the principle of Mutability and Fire and thus shows introspections, aspirations towards future and the possibilities of the higher mind. It represents religion, philosophy, austerity, worship and poorvapunya or the accumulation of auspicious karma from past lives, divine wisdom, spiritual disciplines, mystic initiations, enlightenment, higher education, long journey, legal disciplines, internal and external communication

Profession: Research organizations, university, religious organizations, honorary posts, export houses, pilot, travel agents, politicians, Aeronautical department, space technology organizations, Advocates.

Education: Aeronautical engg, space technology, religion, Law, colorectal surgery, genetic disorders, transplant of organs, Sanskrit.

Disease: Paralysis, femoral arteries, Groin, hips, swellings, diseases caused by increase of fat, blood and water, Bronchitis.

Body Parts: Hips, Thighs

Mode of Death: Death at a far off place or during long journey, during transplant of an organ.

Marriage: Legitimate second marriage or marriage with an unknown person from distant place, family, marriage with the younger co-born of the partner.

Tenth :
General Significations: The tenth house signifies the highest point of one’s glory, the target set for the soul in a specific birth. It relates to the outward development and expression of the inherent qualities of the individual during his process of social interactions. Success in life is determined on the basis of the 10th house. The Ascendant represents the quantum and quality of energy at the disposal of the individual. If the Ascendant is powerful, we can expect that the individual will attain his target. B

Profession: Govt. organizations, production houses, politics, self-venture, managers.

Education: Production technology professional diseases, politics, administration.

Disease: Knees, spinal cord, back pain.

Body Parts: knees, joints, bones, hairs, back

Mode of Death: Death at work place or at the place of the partner.

Marriage: With a person at work place, marriage that brings honour and status to the native.

Eleventh :
General Significations: This house is traditionally known as the house of fulfillment of one’s desires, gain or profit, political status, friends, elder co-born, satisfaction of personal needs, hopes.

Profession: Computer hardware, general physicians, charitable institution, commercial houses, journalists.

Education: Commerce, polymer technology, general medicines, gynaecology.

Disease: Legs, left ear, tibia and calf muscles.

Body Parts: legs, left ear, ankle

Mode of Death: Death at a time when the person has achieved his ambition, at a friend’s place.

Marriage: With a member of a family of friend, or through the efforts of the elder co-born.

Twelfth :
General Significations: This house represents the end of all activities of one’s life, death, expenditures, foreign travel, imprisonment, hospitalization, renunciation, the pleasures of bed, and all kinds of misfortune. It also signifies how the individual will discharge his debt. It is known as the house of secret activities and enemies.

Profession: Jail department, Hospitals, Investigating agents, detectives, research organizations, asylums, foreign countries.

Education: Foreign language, secret arts, research.

Disease: Feet, left eye, heel, sole, insomnia.

Body Parts: Feet, left eye, teeth

Mode of Death: In a hospital, at a far off place, may be due to involvement in secret activities or serious illness.

Marriage: With a foreigner, or at a far off place.

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