June 25, 2024

Signs and Disease in astrology

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Head injuries, Neuralgia, inflammatory diseases, pains, Brain and cerebral hemorrhage, small-pox.

Brain and skull is represented by Aries sign.


Goiter, Diphtheria, Disease of cervical vertebrate, Fistula, piles, venereal diseases, irregular menses.


Dry cough, Asthma, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, Pleurisy, Eosonophillia, T.B, affection of hands and shoulders, influenza, problems in the nerves related to kidneys, vascular disease.

Cancer: Gas trouble, stomach disorders, indigestion, cough, Hi-cough, dropsy, hypochondria, hysteria, gallstones, jaundice, Heart and liver related disease. 

Leo: Palpitation, feeling giddy, fainting, spinal meningitis, angina pectorals, anemia, regurgitation of blood, heart related disease, anemia. 

Virgo: Typhoid, cholera, Appendicitis, Loose motions, Tapeworm, round worm, hook worms, peritonitis, colon, issues in lower part of the liver, disturbance in digestive organs, diarrhea, cholera.

Libra: Suppression of the urine, Polyuria, inflammation of the uterus, Brights disease, lumbago, Rheumatic pains, Eczema, skin disease, kidney, appendicitis, hernia, issues in kidneys, back pain, night blindness, fungal disease. 

Scorpio: Prostrate glands, nasal catarrh, ovaries, venereal diseases, infection troubles in urethra and generative organs, piles, fistula, rectum, irregularities of menses, issues in rectum, liver stones, bladder stones, scrotum and buttocks disease. 

Sagittarius: Related to thighs, hips, Locomotor alexia, fracture of collar bones, varicose veins, bronchitis.

Capricorn: Pain in anus, piles, skin diseases, knee problems, eczema, irregularities in the function of heart, Rheumatism chills, gout, neuralgia, melancholia, blood disorders, arthritis related issues, it also represents knee pain. 

Aquarius: Dropsy, irregular functioning of heart, skin diseases, left shoulder, left ear, sprain in ankles, pain in the legs, ankles, tail bone,issues related to cataract, retina, parathyroid, toxemia-colon, 

Pisces: Diseases of the feet and toe. It affects intestine, dropsy, delirium, complication due to drugs, drinks, disease related to main veins, hernias. it also represents disease like polio, siticatica, blood and lung disease. 

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