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Constellation – Nakshatra in astrology.

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Ashwini :
General Significations: Extravagant, brother’s ailment, avaricious, worried about landed properties, dispute with brother, partition, black magic, they can pray Lord Ganesha or Subramanya or Anjaneya.

Profession: Military, medical, police, surgery, jail, railways, iron, steel, copper, machinery physicians, attendants, horse dealer, handsome person as traders.

Education: Engineering-Agriculture, Electronics, Chemical, Civil, Arts, Law, Mathematics, Zoology, Botany.

Disease: Congestion in brain, thrombosis, epilepsy fainting, head injury, strokes, spasm, coma, malaria, trance, small box, headache, neuralgia, cerebral hemorrhage.

Body Parts: Head, cerebral hemisphere.

Bharani :
General Significations: Mind always fond of pleasure, enterprises, avaricious, amorous, aspiring, chain smokers, slayers, cruel men, low-born person, wanting in character.

Profession: Art advertisement, mobile, fertilizer, silk, wrestler, railway, veterinary doctors, hotels, restaurants, criminal lawyer, judge, optician, agriculturists, leather, manufacturers, skins and hides.

Education: B.A, Home Science, Foreign Language, Law, Banking, Insurance, Computer Science, Engineering – Chemical, Civil, Pharmacy, Electrical.

Disease: Forehead injury, cold, venereal distemper, syphilis, reins, affected, dissipating sexual habits & weakness, cataract head.

Body Parts: Head, cerebral hemisphere, eyes, organs within head.

Krittika :
General Significations: Militant temperament, push-up, go ahead spirit, normally robust health, good health, competitive mind, argumentative ability. Will eat much, will be drawn to other people’s wives.

Profession: Travels, industry, medical, surgical, navy, acquition of lands, bombs, crackers, match boxes, iron and steel utensils, war materials.

Education: Bachelor of Dental Surgery, ENT, M.B.A, Journalism, Literature, Foreign Language, Publication, Civil/Chemical Engineering, Aeronautical.

Disease: Cerebral meningitis, carbuncle sharp fever, malaria, plague, small box, cuts, wounds, brain fever, injury, accidents, explosions, fire accident.

Body Parts: Head, eyes, brain, vision, 2nd, 3rd, 4rth qtrs: face, neck, larynx, tonsils, lower jaw.

Rohini :
General Significations: Good nature, enjoys nature, taste in music, art, drama, enjoy life in company of other sex, maternal affection. Pure, sweet tongued.

Profession: Bakeries, bar, oils, milk, ice cream, soap, sandalwood, paints, dyes, marriage broker, dress and pearl dealer, liquids, acids, sugar, cart men, cows.

Education: Pharmacy, Dr.-Eye, dental, Veterinary, Geology, Water works, Dermatologist, Criminal Law, Interior Decorator, Catering

Disease: Apoplexy, breast pain, swellings, sore-throat, cold, cough, goiter, leg-feet pain irregular menses.

Body Parts: Face, mouth, tongue, tonsils, palate, neck, cerebellum, cervical vertebrate.

Mrigashira :
General Significations: Enthusiasm, sharp, quick- witted, alert tongue more poisonous than snake, gives mental energy, fluent, magnetic, Acme of selfishness.

Profession: Mobile structures, fertilizers, tailor, automobile engineer, skin and hides, tobacco, estate owner, land, building, veterinary doctors, animal husbandry.

Education: Engineering – Mechanical, Textile, Chemical, Sound, Electrical, Law, Eye / Dentist, Cinema

Disease: Inflamed tonsils, pimples, throat pain, goiter, adenoids, diphtheria, constipation, venereal distemper.

Body Parts: Face, chin, cheeks, larynx, palate, arteries, veins, inflamed tonsils throat, vocal cord, arms, shoulders, ears, thymus, upper ribs.

Ardra :
General Significations: Unsuccessful in literary pursuit, good character reader, resourceful mind, active mind, ingenious and critical, slayer, adulterers, thieves, rogues, will be perfidious, haughty, sinful, ungrateful and mischievous.

Profession: Post and telegraph Department, communication transport, bookseller, advertisement author, finger print expert, finance broker, dealing in drugs, beverages, canned goods.

Education: Transport / Agriculture / Rubber Engineering, Animal Husbandry, Atomic research, Journalism, Physician.

Disease: Septic throat, mumps, asthma, dry cough, ear-pus, eosinophilia, diphtheria, ear-trouble.

Body Parts: Throat, arms, shoulders.

Punarvasu :
General Significations: Good memory, correct intuition, Marketing/ Financial Management, Insurance, I.A.S, Journalism, Astrology, English Literature.

Profession: Story writing, editing, publishing, law, literature, insurance agency, accountants, auditors, judges, school master, interpreter, Astrologer, clerk, clothes, woolen merchants.

Education: M.Com, Company Secretary, Auditor, Marketing/ Financial Management, Insurance, I.A.S, Journalism, Astrology, English Literature.

Disease: Bronchitis, pneumonia mummage, lacteals, thoracies, chest, beriberi, upset stomach, corrupt blood, tuberculosis, liver trouble, dyspepsia.

Body Parts: Ear, throat, shoulders, blades lungs, chest, stomach, diaphragm, pancreas, lobes of liver, respiratory system, thoracic.

Pushya :
General Significations: Attentive, self-reliant, position of truth careful, sober, economical, frugal, has a Systematic and methodical action Minister, King, fisherman, person engaged in big and small sacrifices, honest folk, forests, wheat, barley, rice and sugarcane.

Profession: Deals in agricultural lands, mine products, kerosene, coal, petrol. Holds positions of trust, sexton, jailor, engineer digging wells, those who work at nights and underground.

Education: Drafts man, B.A, Agricultural/ Hardware/ Water works Engineering, Mathematics, Economics, M.A

Disease: Tuberculosis, gastriculer, gall stone, cough, nausea, belching, bruises, cancer, jaundice, hiccups, eczema, dyspepsia. Ulceration in respiratory system.

Body Parts: Lungs, stomach, ribs, lips, mouth, ears.

Ashlesha :
General Significations: Good writer, ingenious, versatile, quick wit, fluent and copious in speech, acquires other languages easily, inclined to eat any thing, sinful, ungrateful.

Profession: Business, commerce, international trade, agent, author, writer, water supply engineer, dealer in yarn, pen, paper, guide, hostess, Astrologer, midwife, nurse.

Education: Civil / Mechanical / Transport / Instrumental Engineering, Ground water, Waste water, Pharmacy, Master of Law, Sales & Marketing

Disease: Cold-stomach dropsy, windiness, knees & leg pains, hysteria nervousness, indigestion, phlegm, flatulence, wind-pressing diaphragm making breathing difficult.

Body Parts: Lungs, stomach, esophagus, diaphragm, pancreas, liver.

Magha :
General Significations: Sensual, impulsive, proud short tempered enthusiastic and energetic, good sportsman, fiery temper outspoken defensive, hasty, contact with people in very high position, will enjoy life, will be healthy and have many servants, worship the god.

Profession: Government services or security in service, jewellers, manufacturers of nickel, chromium plated surgical instruments, lawyers, weapon manufacturer.

Education: Bachelor of Medicine, Surgery, Ayurvedic, Child health, Pharmacy, Music, History.

Disease: Sudden heart shock, grief, poisoning, backache, cholera, fainting, spinal-meningitis, palpitation, gravel in kidneys, Humours.

Body Parts: Heart, back, spinal chord, spleen, dorsal region of spine aorta.

P.Phalguni :
General Significations: Fond of pleasure, true, honest, cautious able to fulfill his desires, competence in music, art, kavi-poet, warm hearted, affectionate, taste in drawing, sculpture and paintings, photography as hobby, artists, young damsels, amiable persons, merchandise

Profession: Preservation of monuments, government service, renovation of ancient painting, radio, transport, disinfectant for crops, veterinary surgeon, vice chancellor, glass dealers.

Education: Diploma in Gynecology, Obstetrics, Medical Radiology, Nursing, B.Ed, M.Tech, Computer Engineering, M.B.A.

Disease: Spine-curvature, anemia, leg pain, swelling of ankles, B.P., affected valves, hydraemia, aneurysm.

Body Parts: Heart, spinal cord.

U.Phalguni :
General Significations: Tactful, intelligent, good reasoning, mind good in mathematics or engineering clever, diplomatic, eloquent and educated, hygiene and sanitary engineer, accounts, business, acumen, advertising.

Profession: Any service under government, commerce, stock exchange, maternity home, lecturer, education Department, communication Department, contractors physicians.

Education: M.Tech, Electrical Engineering, Tourism, Teaching, Master of Surgery, Heart, Chest, Veterinary, Hospital Management.

Disease: Spotted fever, pains, B.P., fainting, madness, brain, blood, clotting, palpitation, stomach disorders, sorethroat, bowel-tumours, neck swelling.

Body Parts: Spinal Cord, intestines, bowels and liver.

Hasta :
General Significations: Traders and energetic men, man versed in Vedas, merchandises, will be industrious, fond of drinking, merciless and thievish, elephant driver, robbers, artisans, elephant, husked grains.

Profession: Overseas, mail order business, clearing agent, engineer, bridges, canals, dams, export, import, politician, ambassador.

Education: Diploma in Venereology, Neurology, Leprosy, Forensic Medicine, Dental Surgery, Mining Engineering, Hospital Administration.

Disease: Gas formation, loose bowels, short breath, worms, hysteria, typhoid, diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, fear complex, weakness of arms & shoulders, bowel disorders.

Body Parts: Bowels, intestines, secreting glands, enzymes.

Chitra :
General Significations: Courageous, energetic, humorous, dexterous, practical, business like enterprising, active or quick tempered sarcastic, impatient, over working and irritable. Will wear beautiful garments and flowers and will have beautiful eyes and limbs.

Profession: Supplier to jail, criminal lawyer, tax Department, finance Department, police of law and order and traffic, defence Department, cost accounts, military accounts.

Education: B.A, Law, Literature, Bachelor of Science in Agriculture / Fisheries / Ayurvedic medicine, Bank Management, Civil Engineering, Environmental Management.

Disease: Excess urine, renal stone brain fever, lumbago, kidney hemorrhage, ulcers, sharp-acute pains, wounds choleric humour, itching, irritation, worms, leg-pain, dry gripping pains appendicitis, hernia, headache, sun stroke.

Body Parts: Belly, lower part, kidneys, loins, hernia, lumber region of spine, vasomotor system.

Swati :
General Significations: Honest, courteous, compassionate, just, intellect, perceptive, flexible, sweet nature, fond of company, slow to grasp but remembers well, show to loose temper, sympathetic, powers of comparison, traders, feeble character, fickle minded friends, ascetic.

Profession: Mobile, automobile, transportation, music, drama, exhibition, x-ray instrument manufacturer, confectionary, readymade dress, plastic, mica, pasteurized milk.

Education: Bachelor of Library, Master of Arts, M.B.A, Diploma in Gynecology, obstetrics, dermatology, venerology, Master of Surgery.

Disease: Body gasses, leprosy, urinary skin trouble hernia, eczema brights disease, urethra-ulcerated, polyuria, urinary trouble.

Body Parts: Skin, kidneys, urethra, bladder.

Vishakha :
General Significations: Polite, faith in god, attractive appearance, pleasant manner, universal love, generous, broadminded, talented, cultural, will be envious, covetous, of bright appearance, clever in talking quarrelsome.

Profession: Tourist officer, shipping, air travel, race goer, tax and revenue Department, judge, auditor, professor, principal, auditor, actor, jewelry, perfumeries, minting.

Education: B.Sc., B.Tech., B.A., Law, Diploma in Homeopathy Medicine, Surgery, Radiology. Textile/Civil Engineering, Architecture, City & Regional Planning.

Disease: Womb disease, nose-bleeding, renal stone, dropsy, rupture, prostate-enlargement, fibroid, tumor, menstrual abnormal bleeding urinary trouble.

Body Parts: Lower abdomen, bladder parts, kidneys, pancreatic gland, bladder, urethra, genitals, rectum, prostate gland, descending colon.

Anuradha :
General Significations: Dominant, forceful or selfish, determined energetic, untruthful, dishonest, harsh, cruel, unscrupulous.

Profession: Mechanical Engineering, mine Engineering, medicine, actor, homeopathy, brothel, water diviner, judge, watchman, plumbers, mine ore dealer dentist, service in jail.

Education: Master of Law, M.B.A, Mining/Agriculture Engineering, Pathology.

Disease: Suppression of menses, constipation, sterility, piles, nasal catarrh phlegm, fracture of high-bones, sore-throat strictures.

Body Parts: Bladder, genitals, rectum, nasal bones, bones near genitals.

Jyeshtha :
General Significations: Ingenious, good humour, bold, studious, quick in action, resourceful, learned, blunt, fond of wit, exaggeration, poisonous tongue, great maternal heroes, those that are endowed with noble family and wealth, and fame, intent on consequence, commandants and thieves. Will not have many friends, will be virtuous and exceedingly irritable.

Profession: Insurance agent, surgical instrument, tonics, scrums manufacturers, publication, textile mill, session judge, cable and wire manufacturer.

Education: B.A., Literature / Corporate / Secretary, M.B.B.S., Medicine / Surgery / Ayurvedic Environmental Management, C.A.

Disease: Bleeding piles, bowel-infection tumors, fistula, distemper in secret parts, leucorrhoea, pain in arm & shoulders.

Body Parts: Colon, anus, genitals, ovaries, womb.

Moola :
General Significations: Commanding others esteem, honest, cordial, respectful, generous, law- abiding, good fearing, charitable, religious, buoyant, always contemplative, social. Will be proud, healthy, firm minded, happy but luxurious in living.

Profession: Religious endowment, social worker, judge, teacher, physician, councilor, provison dealer, assembly speaker, exchange, imports, dealing in fruits, flowers.

Education: B.A History, Economics, Physics, B.Sc. Computer, Engineering-Civil / Chemical / Computer / Electrical & Electronics. Ophthalmology.

Disease: Rheumatism, hip-disease, pulmonary-troubles.

Body Parts: Hips, thighs, femur, illeum, sciatica nerve.

P.Ashadha :
General Significations: Broad minded, honest, loves others polite, educated, pleasing manner optimistic, moderate, loves expensive and ultra comfortable things, fond of drama and art. Navigators, fishermen, tenderhearted, men, aquatic animals, those that live by water, devoted to truth, purity and wealth. Will have an amiable wife will be firm in friendship.

Profession: Banker, cashier, accountant, director, revenue and finance Department, social studies welfare officer, foreign trade, exchange, restaurants, hostels, women and children hospital, health center.

Education: B.A., M.Sc., C.A., Mathematics, Telecom, Textiles.

Disease: Sciatica, diabetes, rheumaticism hip gout, respiratory disease, lung cancer purification of blood, surfeit cold.

Body Parts: Thighs, hips, filiac arteries and veins, cocygeal and sacral regions of spine.

U.Ashadha :
General Significations: Nobel aspiring disposition, philanthropic, law-abiding, funny and jovial, cheerful, hopeful, no mind to have “tainted money”, pillars of good society, cheerful, proficiency in some branch of learning.

Profession: Position of trust, mine, coal, scientific research, finance Department, control Department, monuments, archaeology, antiquities, ancient language, skins, hides, wool.

Education: B.A., Arts / Economics, Dental Surgery, M.Tech., B.Sc. Computer, Chemical Engineering.

Disease: Eczema, skin disease, leprosy, dull pain, digestive trouble, palpitation of heart, rheumatism, cardiac thrombosis, stomach trouble due to gas.

Body Parts: Thighs, tumor, arteries, skin, knees, patella.

Shravana :
General Significations: Conservative, cautious, economical, careful, sober, true, sincere, faithful worker, attentive, perseverance. devotees of Vishnu, righteous men and truthful person, possess a generously-disposed wife, will be wealthy and famous.

Profession: Minister, kings, fishermen, plumber, mine products, wells, trenches, excavation, agriculturist, drivers, those who serve at night, underground, submarine, pearls.

Education: M.B.B.S. Medicine / Surgery / Anesthesia / Chest Disease, B.Ed., M.Tech., Chemical Engineering, B.B.A.

Disease: Eczema, skin disease, leprosy, pusformation, tuberculosis, rheumatism, boils, pleurisy, filarial, poor digestion.

Body Parts: Lymphatic vessels, knees, skin.

Dhanishtha :
General Significations: Active, alert, firm will, decisive, careful and forceful, cautious and courageous, vindictive and violent, occasionally ambitious, fond of music, men with arrogance and pride, greedy, eunuchs, rich people, avoiding disputes.

Profession: Homeopathy, jail Department, mine and ground Engineering, insurance, philosopher, murderers, slaughter house, labor Department, industry, tools, spares parts.

Education: B.A., Bank Management, M.B.A., Literature, Textiles, Hospital Management, Nursing.

Disease: Malaria, filaria, high fever, boils, elephantiasis, dry cough, hiccups, leg-injury, lameness, H.B.P., insomnia, cardiac thrombosis, heart failure, fainting, over-heated blood.

Body Parts: Knee cap bones, ankle, limbs, portion between knees & ankles.

Satbhisha :
General Significations: Independent, strong, forceful, sincere, preserving, patient, original, lazy, fond of leisure and holiday, fond of working separately.

Profession: Scientist, atomic theory, air travel, occult subject, astronomer, astrologer, ration officer, censor, census, jail Department, translation, translators, of old manuscript, factories, tanneries, counterfeit.

Education: M.B.B.S. Medicine / Surgery / Dental / Gynecology / Obstetrics / Pathology / Microbiology, Agricultural Engineering

Disease: Rheumatic heart, H.B.P., palpitation, insomnia, amputation, leprosy, eczema, constipation, guineas-worm, fracture, rheumatism.

Body Parts: Portion between knees and ankles, calf muscles.

P.Bhadrapad :
General Significations: Honest, truth, sincere, hopeful, optimistic, interest in science, astronomy, astrology, literature, capable of extracting work from others, helpful, unselfish. If a malefic is in this zone in the ascendant: murderer, robber, irreligious, hen pecked, miser, clever.

Profession: Minister, councilor, politician, president, judge, criminal lawyer, visitors of jails, planning commission, explorer, physician, bank, foreign exchange, prisoners of wars.

Education: Undergraduate, B.A., B.Ed., M.Sc. Diploma in Radiology / Electrology / Pharma

Disease: Irregular circulatory system, ulcered gums, swelling feet, enlarged liver, hernia, jaundice, abdominal tumour, corns in feet, sprue, perspiring feet, intestine defect.

Body Parts: Ankles, feet and toes.

U.Bhadrapad :
General Significations: Benevolent disposition, strong character, fond of society, desire to help the poor and invalid, visitors of jails, sanatoriums, original, independent.

Profession: Engineer, public appointment, export, import, storekeepers, asylum, shipping, C.I.D., education, tourist home, manufacturer of raincoats, umbrellas, boats, tunnel construction, canal, trench excavators.

Education: B.E. Electrical / Textile / Marine / Mining B.Com., M.B.A., B.D.S.

Disease: Drop foot, hernia, dropsy, indigestion, cold feet, foot-fracture, constipation, flatulence, tuberculosis, rheumatic pains.

Body Parts: Feet

Revati :
General Significations: Human sympathetic, religious, flexible, impressionable mind, shrewd, clever, ripe judgment, honest, studious, sober, mental balance, caring for integrity.

Profession: Editor, publisher, lawyer, judge, auditor, industry, finger print expert, share broker, diplomat, astrologer, purohits, governor, clerk, excise, accountant, successful diplomat, mathematician, agent, bank.

Education: Engineering-Industrial Instrumentation / Electronics / Chemical / Polymer / Civil, Architecture, Arts & Crafts, Leather & Printing Technology, Doctor of Medicine.

Disease: Intestinal ulcer, gout in feet, deafness, ear-pus crams, foot deformities, lassitude, nephrites abdominal disorders.

Body Parts: Feet and toes.


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