June 25, 2024

Death Astrology mode

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First house:
Mode of Death: Sudden, Self-un doing or suicide, head injury.

Second house :
Mode of Death: Natural death, assassination it there is a common link between 2 and 8.

Third house :
Mode of Death: Sudden due to a stroke, death while in journey.

Fourth house:
Mode of Death: Due to accident, at home, old age, debris.

Fifth house:
Mode of Death: During celebration, sports activities, delivery, death may take place in gambling house, stock exchange or playing field.

Sixth house:
Mode of Death: Sickness, shock from separation of partner, over exhaustion, out of fear.

Seventh house:
Mode of Death: Natural death, death in a combat, at a foreign place, due to kidney failure or AIDS.

Eighth house:
Mode of Death: Sudden death due to serious disease or self-undoing, accident, surgery, suicide.

Ninth house:
Mode of Death: Death at a far off place or during long journey, during transplant of an organ.

Tenth house:
Mode of Death: Death at work place or at the place of the partner.

Eleventh house:
Mode of Death: Death at a time when the person has achieved his ambition, at a friend’s place

Twelfth house:
Mode of Death: In a hospital, at a far off place, may be due to involvement in secret activities or serious illness.


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