June 25, 2024

Divisional Charts in Vedic Astrology

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The term Division ( Varga ) in Vedic astrology  refers to the division of a Zodiac Sign into 16 parts. Each divisional part of a sign, known as an aṃsa, and it has a source of influence associated with it.

There are sixteen Divisional or Varga charts used in Vedic Astrology.

NameDivisional Chart Meaning
RasiD-1It tells the placement of planet in a sign
ChaturshasmaD-4Home Life and Property
SaptamsaD-7Children and Progeny
NavamsaD-9Spouse, Dharma and Relationships
DasamsaD-10All about Career and Profession
DvadasamsaD-12To see Parents and all about them
ShodasamsaD-16Vehicles and travelling
VimsamsaD-20Spiritual Pursuits
ChaturVimsamsaD-24Education and knowledge
SaptaVimsamsaD-27Strengths and weaknesses
TrimsamsaD-30Evil and Bad luck
KhavedamsaD-40Maternal legacy
AkshavedamsaD-45Paternal legacy
ShastiamsaD-60Past, present and future

However, the 4 divisions are associated with Jaimini Astrology.

Chart NameDivisional ChartMeaning
PanchamsaD-5Fame & Power
AshtamsaD-8Unexpected Troubles
EkaDasamsaD-11Death and Destruction


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