June 25, 2024

Western Aspects

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AspectsDegree Results
ConjunctionSame DegreeGood if beneficial planets conjunct. Bad if Malefic planets conjoins.
Semi-Sextile30 DegreeModerate in Strength and Advantages
Sextile60 DegreeIt is considered more favorable than Semi-Sextile but less then Trine
Trine 120 DegreeVery Strong in giving most desirable results. Whether the aspect is between Benefic or malefic planets, it gives most favorable results.
Semi -Square45 DegreeAlways Evil between Malefic and Benefic.
Square90 DegreeThis is very Evil whether 2 planets benefic or malefic.
Sesquisqarate135 DegreeThis is an unlucky aspect.
Opposition180 DegreeIf between the 2 benefic planets then it give good results, If one of them is malefic then it gives bad results.

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