June 25, 2024

Planets and Disease

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Sun :
Disease: Headaches, baldness, inflammation of liver and gall bladder, heart trouble, blood disorders, stomach ailments, eye diseases, fever and pains, bone disorders, leprosy, fits, gonorrhea, epilepsy.

Moon :
Disease: Infancy, Insanity, Insomnia, T.B., Pleurisy, dropsy, dyspepsia, diarrhoea, cholera, Anemia, epilepsy, enlargement of spleen, ovary, uterus, menstrual disorders, breast, chest, saliva, hysteria, salivary gland, left eye, lungs, diabetes, appendicitis, vomiting.

Mars :
Disease: Inflammatory diseases, hypertension, blood disorders, abortions, miscarriage, smallpox, gall bladder stone, measles, piles, epilepsy, itching of the skin, bleeding, dry and rough skin, accident, fracture of bone, electric shock, injury due to acids, prostrate, surgery.

Mercury :
Disease: Chest, nerves, mental disorders, abortion, neurological disorder, defects in speech, stammering, skin diseases, vertigo, leucoderma, ear, nose and throat, impotence.

Jupiter :
Disease: Appendicitis, diabetes, philganatic diseases, anaemia, liver complaints, ear trouble, spleen problem, dropsy, diseases in thighs.

Venus :
Disease: Venereal diseases, eye diseases, indigestion, diabetes, urinary diseases, throat trouble, impotency, glandular diseases, loss of lustre in body, fits.

Saturn :
Disease: Belly ache, windy and phlegmatic complaints, paralysis, rheumatism, indigestion, bodily deformity, gastric and stomach troubles, impotence, gaseous troubles, teeth problems, heart bockages

Rahu :
Disease: Accidents, Heart attacks, Cancer, paralysis, Fits, Small-pox, and the diseases of the planets it represents

Ketu :
Disease: Measles, itches, and the diseases of the planets which it represents.

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