June 25, 2024

Astrology Systems exploration

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In astrology, astrologers use different astrology systems to make predictions. Astrologers from different countries/ regions use different systems because of the following reasons:

1.) A particular astrology system is famous in the country.

2.) Astrologer is not aware of different systems.

3.) Astrologer is not interested to learn new systems because he is already earning , lack of interest in learning or having too much ego to learn new system due to the reason of being always right about his experience and knowledge and belief system.

List of few astrology systems are given below:

1.) Western astrology

2.) Vedic astrology

3.) Hellenistic astrology

4.) kp astrology

5.) Nadi astrology

6.) Jaimini astrology and many more.

In the west, people are usually interested to learn western astrology and in Asia people are usually interested to learn vedic astrology. After learning astrologer earns money, fame an respect and it makes an astrologer think he is experienced and he is the best.

Now the question is which system is the best and why ?

Lets see one by one which is the best way of predictions. But before this, lets understand the logic the see which system is the best.

Lets say, in Asia, the average rate of child birth is 1 child in every 3 seconds. And every baby born is unique.

So an astrology system must have the power to  show the difference in in the destiny of a child who are born just few seconds apart at the same place. In simple words, an astrology system must have the power to show the difference in behavior pattern, thinking process, life style an destiny of  Childs even one child is born at 10:00:00 and the other born at 10:00:03 seconds with solid evidence and logic.

Lets see which system is best and why?

Western astrology.

This system is heavily based on aspects and transits and it does not deal with any nakshatra/constellation in astrology. And this is system which provides 0 clarity on why people are different even if 2 people are born in same hospital even with 1-2 hour difference.

Suppose a person who is born at 10:00:00 ask an astrologer to tell the future. Astrologer creates the chart and reads. Below is the chart.

Now suppose another person goes to the same astrologer and gives the time 10:10:00, then the astrologer will get the same chart.

Therefore, it is not possible for the astrologer to tell the difference in their life, destiny and  behavior.

If the birth rate in Asia is 1 baby in 3 seconds then in 1 minute it will 20 babies and  in 60 minutes around 1200 babies and in 2 hours there will be 2400 babies.

In western astrology, the ascendant does not change  for 1.5 to 2 hours. So it means a astrologer by learning western astrology is making same predictions for all 2400 babies born in 2 hours. Therefore, in my understanding, it is not efficient to tell us the difference in destiny of babies. This is the reason, i do not recommend anyone to learn it.

Now lets take a look at Vedic astrology.

This is based on nakshatras/constellations and the constellation changes in around 53 minutes. In 53 minutes around 1060 babies can born. And therefore, this vedic astrology fail to answer completely why people who are born just 3 seconds apart have different destiny.

However, as the constellation changes in 53 minutes, therefore it is better than western to tell difference because in western, astrologer are making same prediction for 2400 babies born under same ascendant but in vedic , astrologers are making same predictions for babies born for 1060 babies. This is like 55% better than western because it is far better to give same prediction for 1060 babies than giving same prediction to 2400 babies in western. However, still, it is not reliable because every person in this world is unique. No 2 people in this world have exact destiny, behaviors, temperament, skills etc. Every person is unique and an astrologer must be able to answer why 2 people are different and what will happen. Clearly, western and vedic are not efficient to provide the proof of different destinies amount babies born few second apart in same place.

Next system is KP system.

In this, we divide a zodiac in total 249 parts and it is called sub lord. Now, the sub lord changes in 3 minutes to 8 minutes.

lets say, the sun sub lord changes in 3 minutes so  in this system, the 60 babies are born in 3 minutes. Therefore, this is  far better that western an vedic . Giving same prediction for 60 babies born in 2 hours of same ascendant is far better than giving same depiction for 2400 babies born born in 2 hours under same ascendant  by western astrology. However, the question still persist. Which is the best system which can show us the difference in destines of babes who are born under same ascendant at same place just few seconds apart.

The Answer is in cuspal interlink astrology. This is the most advanced astrology system which works on sub sub lords. Here the sub sub lords changes in seconds which completely enables us to see the destiny of  babies who are born just few seconds apart and it enables us to make accurate predictions about future with millions times better accuracy than all other systems.

As the sub sub lord of sun changes in around 3 seconds, therefore, it is possible to tell and why the shift/deviation in the destinies of babies just born few seconds apart and this is not possible in any other astrology system.



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