June 25, 2024

Timing of event in Astrology

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In Horary astrology to find the timing of an event we analyze the Rising sign of the 11th house. 

The Rules are given below:

  • Movable rising sign on 11th house leads to quick execution of the event. 
  • Fixed rising sign on 11th house leads to delay in execution of the event. 
  • Dual nature rising sign on 11th house leads to normal execution of the event as expected by the client. 

After Analyzing the rising sign of the 11th house, Sub-Sub lords of the relative cusps, DBA and transits must support the event, only then an event will happen else it will not happen. 

In is important to note that before checking the DBA and transits, Cusps essential to that event must allow and promise the event. only then an event can happen. If the relative sub-sub lords of the cusp does not allow or promise an event then there is no need to check DBA and transits because the horoscope has not promised the event in the life of a person, and therefore, looking the DBA and transit is a waste of time, efforts and energy. 

If the promise is not in the chart then DBA and transits will fail to do any event. No matter how strong DBA ( time line ) is, nothing will happen. DBAs will come and go without creating any impact/event in a person’s life.

From event, we mean events like promotions, recovery from disease, gain of money, relationship, divorce, win in competitions etc. 

Please note: Movable signs are 1,4,7 and 10 ,  Fixed signs are 2,5,8,11 and Dual signs are 3,6,9,12



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