June 25, 2024

The Fool

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The fool is the first card of major arcana. It belongs to Air element.  It is also famous as the card of the  beginner.

The fool is a complete beginner, innocent risk taker who wants to achieve big dreams fo fulfill his needs and desires.

It represents innocence, dreams, risks, a new beginning, careless and fearless attitude.

He need to explore the world, gain experience to leave behind the status of 0. Usually depicted as a youth,  the fool must grow to become  man as the Magician.

The fool signifies calculated risks. It brings an opportunity to start over and feel youth again. Overall, it is a positive card.

In a relationship reading it signifies go with the flow.

In career reading, it represents a new opportunity which he can utilize after taking consultation from wise people around him.

In a family reading, it represents a new member.

Meaning of fool symbols

  • The dog represents self preservation , instincts and a warning.
  • The white rose represents purity and innocence.
  • The Bundle represents his essentials.
  • The bright sun represents his positive thoughts and excitement.
  • The red feather represents his life force and determination.


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