June 25, 2024

Major Arcana Summary

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0The FoolBeginning and Risk taker
1The MagicianAmbition and Manifestation
2The High PriestessIntuitions and secrets
3The EmpressMotherhood and Blessings
4The EmperorOrder and Power
5The HierophantMentor and Solution Key
6The LoversTrue Love and Blessings of Angel
7The ChariotProgress and Travel
8StrengthGoddess Durga and Power
9The HermitSolitude and guide of path
10The Wheel of FortuneSudden Luck and Wisdom
11JusticeBalance and revelation of Truth
12The Hanged ManSacrifice with Happiness
13DeathNew Beginning and Transformation
14TemperanceHarmony and Good Health
15The DevilRestrictions and conspiracy
16The TowerBreakdown and Escape from one issue to another ( Need to check the Next card to conclude)
17The StarGuidance and Power
18The MoonDeep emotions and Stress
19The SunGrowth and Happiness
20JudgmentSecond Chance and forgiveness
21The WorldSuccess and Satisfaction of Desires

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