June 25, 2024

Tarot Minor Arcana: Pentacles Summary

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Number id PentacelesMeaning
Ace of PentaclesNew income source and success and prosperity
Two of pentaclesBalancing between 2 sources of income
Three of PentaclesFinancial Planning
Four of PentaclesStability, Holding onto money or Money mindded person
Five of PentaclesFinancial loss or financial help required
Six of PentaclesGenerosity, inheritance of money , investment, donation
Seven of PentaclesPotential for Success, hard earned money, money from FD AND Mutual funds, real estates.
Eight of PentaclesMone Flow from service and hardwork
Nine of PentaclesMaterial comfort, abundance and luxury
Ten of PentaclesGood Business, shopping, expenditure of family members.

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