June 25, 2024

Saturn Sade Sati

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Transit of Saturn in the 12th house, Ascendant and 2nd house with reference to the Lagna Chart is termed as Saturn’s Sade Sati.

Saturn takes around 2 and a half years to travel in one sign therefore travel 3 houses- 12th, ascendant, and 2nd, it takes 7 and a half years. As per Vedic astrology this time is considered very Inauspicious. However, as per my experience, whether sade sati will give auspicious or inauspicious results depends on the native’s birth chart, Dasha-Bhukti-Antra, and Transit of all planets.

Kal Sarp Yog

It is said to be formed when all the planets are situated between the longitude of the north node and the south node. 

North Node is also known as Rahu. 

South node is also known as Ketu. 

In Vedic Astrology, KalSarp yog is considered to be very bad. However, i think we should not give much importance to KalSarp Yog and Saturn’s Sade Sati. 



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