June 25, 2024

Case Study 1 – Government Job

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In this horoscope, we will observe the combinations for a government job.
This is a horoscope of a person who was not getting a government job. He was so upset and disappointed which made him gave up on the hope of getting a government job.
After Watching the horoscope, I assured the person about a government job.
And he got the government job under the Dasha-Bhukti-Antra of Moon-Jupiter-Saturn.
The astrological reasons he got a government job are mentioned below:

Ascendant: Aquarius

Moon Sign: Leo

1.) Sun and Moon are significator of a government job. And therefore, he got the job under the Moon Dasha. Moon is strong in his horoscope in terms of degree.

2.) Moon and Sun’s placement in each other’s sign. Moon’s placement in Leo sign and Sun’s in cancer sign. This is a very strong significator of government service.

3.) 6th house Sun in cancer sign added more impact on person’s life to help him get a government job.

4.) Capricon Saturn in 12th house which aspects Sun in 6th house. Saturn signifies service, 6th house signifies service and sun signifies government service. All these combinations added an extraordinary impact on a person’s life in Moon’s Dasha ( phase) which helped him get a government job. It is important to note, the person got a government job under Moon-Jupiter-Saturn, not before it.

Note: To respect the privacy of a person, his details like name, place, date of birth has not been mentioned here. And I have the consent of the person to share this horoscope in my case study to provide knowledge and experience to this world.

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