June 25, 2024

Birth Time Rectification

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In Birth time rectification, the aim is to find the exact degree of the ascendant.

Many times the birth time noted of a child is incorrect due to various reasons. For  example,  the analog clock  in room can be faulty due to which the time displayed by clock can be wrong, the doctor/nurse can make mistake in observing the time of birth of child.

Also, It is important to note that doctors, nurses are busy in taking care of mother’s baby delivery process. Therefore, Nobody is attentive enough to note the exact time of birth of baby. In other words, there is no one serious enough to note the time of birth of a baby.

It is still a topic of debate in astrology as which time should be considered as correct time of birth.

  1. When the body of the baby is completely comes out of womb
  2. When the body of the baby is sighted.
  3. When the umbilical cord is cut and infant becomes independent of mother.
  4. When the infant cries and take first breath

Various methods of Birth time rectification:

  1. Nakshatra correction
  2. Parashar’s method
  3. Event Based rectification
  4. KP Rectification using Ruling Planets.

The scenarios of time of birth could be wrong are mentioned below:

  1.  Difference in time birth by few minutes only
  2. Difference in time is in hour of so
  3. Difference in time is more than 1 hour
  4. Difference in 4-5 hours in given date
  5. Difference of AM or PM on a given date
  6. only date known, time not known
  7. Only Month known
  8. Only Year Known
  9. Doubt as to lagena Changing within a few minutes in border line cases.

Some Important concepts we must know:

  1.  Lagna/Ascendant Changes in 2 hours.
  2. Ascendant moves forward by 1 degree in 4 minutes
  3. Nakshtra changes in 53 minutes
  4. Lagna/Ascendant sublord changes in 3-9 minutes depending on the planet which is the sublord
  5. Moon stays in a star/Nakshatra for a day approx.
  6. Moon stays in rashi/sign for 2.25 days
  7. Sun stays in 1 rashi/sign for 1 month and it moves 1 degree in a day

Before we move forward, it is important to now about ruling planet.

In Short, It is GPS of astrology,it guides us . It is a kind of support which  astrologers get from universe.

Ruling planets are given below:

1.) Ascendant Star lord

2.) Ascendant Sign Lord

3.) Moon Star Lord

4.) Moon Sign Lord

5.) Day Lord

Any Planet in conjunction with Ruling planet becomes the Ruling planet too.

Rahu ( North Node) and Ketu ( South Node) placed in the sign of ruling planets also becomes ruling Planets.

Retrograde Planets will not give results till they become direct.  Therefore, they are not considered as ruling planets.

Please note the power of ruling planets are as given below:

Ascendant Star lord>Ascendant Sign Lord>Moon Star Lord>Moon Sign Lord>Day Lord

Please note, the whole process of birth time rectification is about finding the exact degree of ascendant. And to find the exact degree of ascendant, we need to find the Ascendant, Star lord, Sub Lord and Sub Sub Lord.

Now, lets discuss how to check if the time of birth of a person is correct or not. In Other words, lets check if rectification of time is required or not.

For BTR, 3 sets of combinations are required to check first whether, rectification of time of birth is actually required or not.

1.) Ruling planets at the time of birth.

In this case lets take,

Ascendant Star lord:Ketu

Ascendant ruling lord:Jupiter

Moon Star lord:Rahu

Moon Ruling Lord: Mercury

Day Lord:Jupiter

2.)  Coordinates of the ascendant ( 1st cusp)

In This case lets take: Jupiter, saturn, ketu, mercury (Sign lord, star lord, sub lord and sub sub lord)

3.) Ruling planets at the time and place of judgment.

Ascendant Star lord:Saturn

Ascendant ruling lord: Jupiter

Moon Star lord: Ketu

Moon Ruling Lord: Mercury

Day Lord: Saturn

Now match the planets mentioned in 1,2 with 3.

If atleast 3 of the planets in 1 or 2 match with 3 then the time of birth provided by  the customer is correct and birth time rectification is not required.

If atleast 3 of the planets in 1 or 2 do not match with 3 then the time of birth provided by  the customer is wrong and birth time rectification is required.

Note: The sub sub lord is also very important as it is required to correct the time of birth of a person upto seconds.


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