June 25, 2024

Mercury Planet Transit August 2021

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Mercury is the planet of intelligence and it controls our speech, thinking,  observation, analytical skills and communication. Mercury will transit in Leo on 9 August 2021. The transit of Mercury will happen in the sign of Leo on 9 August 2021 at 1:23 am and it will stay in this sign till 26 August 2021, 11:07

Now lets take a look at the effect of this transit on all the zodiac signs.


For Aries Sign, Mercury rules over the third and sixth house and will be transiting through the fifth house. From here mercury aspect 11th house, which will lead to success in relationship.Due to the aspect of mercury  by Jupiter , this time will be good for the students preparing for exams.  Their knowledge,intelligence,creativity will increase. Those who work in IT sector may get promotion. Those who are in romantic relationships will have the best phase of their life. However, this transit is not good for purchasing property.


For Taurus sign,Mercury rules the second and fifth house and will be transiting in the fourth house. Due to the connection with second and fifth house, you will have a really good command in your speech which will help you in convincing anyone to the best of your interest. The family atmosphere will be good due to transit in 4th house.

Those who are in relationship may get some issues.  This time is really good for name and fame.


For Gemini sign, Mercury rules first and forth house. Mercury will be transiting in third house. This combination will lead to increase online education. You may opt to take more online courses. You will go out on long trips with relatives and will make new friends. Your relationship with your younger siblings will get stronger.

The auspicious effect of the third house will help the writers, authors and magazine editors, bloggers to excel.

Those employed may get a chance to travel foreign by their Organization.


For Cancer sign, Mercury rules third and twelfth house. Mercury will be transiting in second house.Due to this, expenditure will increase a lot. The time is not suitable for making any medium to big investments, as any investments done now may earn you losses in future.

The students will have a favorable time.

You might take some important decisions regarding the expansion of your business and your family will support you in your endeavors.

This time is really good to settle abroad and to go on a long trip of abroad.


For Leo sign, Mercury rules second and eleventh  house. Mercury will be transiting in first  house. Due to this combination, your finances will grow. You will earn profits from your efforts. This time is good for investments. You will be quick in your decision making and will perform all your tasks well in time.

Due to the aspect of mercury on 7th house. This transit will be extremely good for a happy married life. However, this time is not good to start a new business.


For Virgo sign, Mercury rules first and tenth  house. Mercury will be transiting in twelfth  house. The transit may be auspicious for the natives indulged in businesses related to overseas.

Watch out for your expenditures as there are chances on spending extravagantly on unproductive things, this may create imbalance in your savings during this period.

This transit is extremely auspicious to get a job overseas.  This time is beneficial for both personal and professional motives.


For Libra sign, Mercury rules ninth  and twelfth  house. Mercury will be transiting in eleventh  house. This combination is extraordinary for natives who want to travel, settle in overseas.

This phase will be auspicious for your professional life.  Those engaged in travel industry  will do well at their workplace.

You will make new friends, especially with individuals coming from different countries during this period.These relationships will prove beneficial in the long run.

The government employees will earn fame and recognition from the senior officials.

The relationships with elder siblings  will get stronger.


For Scorpio sign, Mercury rules eighth  and eleventh  house. Mercury will be transiting in tenth house. This is a  combination good for sudden name, fame and Gaines. This planetary position in astrology sometimes leads to extraordinary success.

The transit is taking place in the tenth house of profession which can help in getting good opportunities.

You may receive asset asset from your ancestors during this time. This time is auspicious for Occult practitioners


For sagittarius sign, Mercury rules sevent  and tenth  house. Mercury will be transiting in ninth house. This combination is  good for import/export trades with clients situated in nearby countries.

You may travel countries to explore and gain knowledge about different cultures and places.You will take interested in philosophy, philantrophy, religion and spirituality during this period.

This is a time to put a lot of hardwork in action to establish name and fame.


For capricon sign, Mercury rules sixth  and ninth  house. Mercury will be transiting in eight house.This planetary alighment is not good for business, career or for marraige.

This period is not supportive for health and it may cause some nervous issues.

You are required to put more efforts to enhance your luck as the time is not that favourable at all. However, your genuine efforts during this time will lead to beneficial results.

The research students  pursuing higher education will have a favourable time.


For Aquarius sign, Mercury rules fifth  and eight  house. Mercury will be transiting in seventh house.This planetary alighment is good for creativite and research job fields.

This is a favourable time for love relations. However, marraige may delay for some time.

The transit will help students to gain focus in studies.

This time is neutral  for speculative activities and gambling but it is not recommend.

You need to put a lot more efforts to get name and fame at workplace.


For Pisces sign, Mercury rules fourth  and seventh  house. Mercury will be transiting in sixth house.This transit will  bring neutral results for you in terms of investments, career and health.However, this time is good for students who are preparing for competitive exams.

You may come to a situation where you may need to take heavy loan but avoid taking loans  from the banks as you may not be able to repay it.

Medical practitioners too will see good phase, as you will flourish in your profession.

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