June 25, 2024


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Palm reading, also known as palmistry, originated from ancient India and is now the popular and worldwide way of seeing a person’s future by reading palm lines, colors, hand shapes, shapes on palm, etc. It’s a common practice in India to predict one’s future through astrology or palm reading.

 The 7 Types of Hands in Palmistry are:

  • The Elementary Hand
  • The Conic Hand
  • The Philosophic Hand
  • The Psychic Hand
  • The Spatulate Hand
  • The Square Hand
  • The Mixed Hand

There are five main lines on the palm:

  • Life line: health and physical vitality
  • Head line: intelligence and mentality
  • Marriage line: married life and relationships
  • Heart line: love and emotion
  • Money line: career and fortune

 Types of Marks/Shapes found on the palm:

  • Triangle
  • Square
  • star
  • fish
  • lotus
  • circle
  • Cross
  • Swastika
  • Grills
  • Tridents
  • Islands
  • Vertical and traverse lines.

Rings in Palmistry

There are three important rings in palmistry.

  • The first ring in palmistry is on the mount of Jupiter and is known as the ring of Jupiter.
  • The second ring in palmistry is found on the mount of Saturn and it is known as the ring of Saturn
  • The third ring in palmistry is found on the mount of the Sun it is known as the ring of Apollo. The individuals who have this ring are pioneers, people in power, name, and fame.

Beginners generally tend to neglect the shape of the hand in Palmistry reading. Also, it is important to mention that figures in Hand are like Antenna which receives signals from planets and the energies are controlled and channelized by the mounts of the planet on hand.

Mount of Planet on Hand

Mount of Venus: It is responsible for providing good and healthy relationships in life. It also governs luxury.

Mount of Jupiter: It governs Luck and Wisdom.

Mount of Saturn: It governs income and profession

Mount of Apollo: It is responsible for giving stability Reputation and authority.

Mount of Mercury: It rules over communication skills.

Mount of Moon: It governs emotional stability.

Plain of Mars: It is responsible for providing energy, courage, and temperament.

Mount of Ketu: It governs the spirituality of a person.

Plain of Rahu: It governs all the materialistic desire.

A palmist must analyze the complete hand to predict the future. For example, it is mandatory for a palmist to first analyze the type of hand, size of the hand, the structure, the quality of mounts of the hand, the size of the figure, the lines and its quality and in the last, the marks on the hand like square, star, etc. after analyzing all these parameters the palmist can predict future.



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